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  • Eaglenest

    Pema Mosobi

    “On our migration as we walked down and went back up—we were always smiling”, recalls Pema Mosobi who has many winter migrations under his belt. Before the era of wall calendars…

  • Rupa & Thungree

    Nawang Norbu Khrimey

    Nawang Norbu Khrimey with his family in the 1960’s (left) and at the Rupa gompa (right) Nawang Norbu Khrimey is the head gaon burah (village chief) of Rupa. The story of Nawang…

  • Singchung & Tenga

    Dorjee Glow

    Dorjee Glow and his family ran to what is now known as the ‘helipad ground’ above Singchung in 1962. They received a letter that China had retreated, but they feared that…

  • Eaglenest Singchung & Tenga

    Kaibo Phiang

    Kaibo Phiang is now at home and aged 85. He recollects his vocations that spanned being a load carrier, dak runner (mail carrier) and a village head priest. In just one…