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    D.K. Thongdok, Rupa

    During the 1962 war there were many ponies and mules that were privately owned by families in Rupa. They would carry load during the annual winter migrations. D.K. Thongdok’s family had…

  • Rupa & Thungree

    Chumbi Megeji

    Chumbi Megeji recalls that the Stu-pagpa puja for horses, mules and cattle that usually carried luggage, young children and older people was done on the day everyone was ready to leave…

  • Rupa & Thungree

    R.K. Karma

    The stones used in house-building before were from the mountains and not from the river. “Unlike cement it was so strong that it could withstand an earthquake”, recalls Karma. Nails were made…

  • Rupa & Thungree

    Kejang Yodon

    Kejang Yodon remembers how unlike today where almost everyone wears shoes, the shoes of those days (changzong) were affordable to only a few. The rest would walk bare feet; lichen and…

  • Rupa & Thungree

    Nawang Norbu Khrimey

    Nawang Norbu Khrimey with his family in the 1960’s (left) and at the Rupa gompa (right) Nawang Norbu Khrimey is the head gaon burah (village chief) of Rupa. The story of Nawang…