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  • Eaglenest

    Pema Mosobi

    “On our migration as we walked down and went back up—we were always smiling”, recalls Pema Mosobi who has many winter migrations under his belt. Before the era of wall calendars…

  • Eaglenest

    R. D. Thongdok

    R.D. Thongdok meticulously noted down the names of the places on the besmeh route. We visited and marked (in red) many of these places and created a map to recreate the…

  • Rupa & Thungree

    R.K. Karma

    The stones used in house-building before were from the mountains and not from the river. “Unlike cement it was so strong that it could withstand an earthquake”, recalls Karma. Nails were made…

  • Rupa & Thungree

    Kejang Yodon

    Kejang Yodon remembers how unlike today where almost everyone wears shoes, the shoes of those days (changzong) were affordable to only a few. The rest would walk bare feet; lichen and…

  • Eaglenest

    Sange Lamu Mosobi

    The Shertukpens would carry an assortment of condiments: Sichuan peppers (Xanthoxylum alatum), dried pumpkin (bumbloki), dried raddish (mooloki) and fermented soya bean (chukchro). In preparation of going down to Assam, the…

  • Rupa & Thungree

    Nawang Norbu Khrimey

    Nawang Norbu Khrimey with his family in the 1960’s (left) and at the Rupa gompa (right) Nawang Norbu Khrimey is the head gaon burah (village chief) of Rupa. The story of Nawang…