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Forest Department

  • Eaglenest

    Naresh Glow

    Then the Foothill-Chaku-Tenga (FCT) road, which passes through Eaglenest, was the only motorable road which provided access to the Assam plains during the 1962 war. The FCT road was built by…

  • Eaglenest Singchung & Tenga

    Indi Glow

    Indi Glow remembers that the Asian games opened up the flood gates for the commercial demand for timber in Arunachal Pradesh, plantation and afforestation measures were pale in comparison. He¬†remembers that…

  • Ramalingam, Alubari & Lama Camp

    Chamu Rai

    Chamu Rai (affectionately known as Saila Baje) was part of the logging workforce for more than a decade. He came to live in Alubari in 1994. Below Alubari they would cut…