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  • Eaglenest Singchung & Tenga

    Indi Glow

    Indi Glow remembers that the Asian games opened up the flood gates for the commercial demand for timber in Arunachal Pradesh, plantation and afforestation measures were pale in comparison. He remembers that…

  • Singchung & Tenga

    Sang Norbu Sarai

    The Dalai Lama’s visit in 1997  is well documented in the albums of the noted Bugun photographer Sang Norbu Sarai. The Buguns made six to seven beautiful Buddhist gates to welcome him…

  • Singchung & Tenga

    Dorjee Glow

    Dorjee Glow and his family ran to what is now known as the ‘helipad ground’ above Singchung in 1962. They received a letter that China had retreated, but they feared that…

  • Singchung & Tenga

    Tilli Glow

      Embedded in this landscape are festivities such as Shaboh which Buguns use to mark the different seasons. When leaves are shed, and animals hibernate in January, the Shaboh Rua puja…

  • Singchung & Tenga

    Dawa Sarai

    Dawa Sarai took us to his attic, kitchen and store room. Many traditional Bugun household items made of bamboo and wood were brought down from his attic. However they have been…

  • Eaglenest Singchung & Tenga

    Sange Norbu Phiang

      Across Bugun clans there is symbolism with nature in the wider landscape. The Phiang clan worships the holy mountain Jomou, inside Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary. Of the four Bugun clans, Sange…