Eaglenest Singchung & Tenga

Sange Norbu Phiang


A sketch of Sange Norbu Phiang, or ‘Sange Sir’, as he is known to everyone


Across Bugun clans there is symbolism with nature in the wider landscape. The Phiang clan worships the holy mountain Jomou, inside Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary. Of the four Bugun clans, Sange Sir hails from the priestly Phiang clan. From Singchung village one can see other holy mountains – Kasi of the Glow clan, Tamashya of the Phinya clan and Srung Ngya-Ngyung of the Sarai clan. He remembers how for Chharit puja an ox would be sacrificed but now a horn of an ox is taken as a symbolic substitute to the sacrificial site.


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