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  • Eaglenest

    Pema Mosobi

    “On our migration as we walked down and went back up—we were always smiling”, recalls Pema Mosobi who has many winter migrations under his belt. Before the era of wall calendars…

  • Eaglenest

    R. D. Thongdok

    R.D. Thongdok meticulously noted down the names of the places on the besmeh route. We visited and marked (in red) many of these places and created a map to recreate the…

  • Rupa & Thungree

    Kejang Yodon

    Kejang Yodon remembers how unlike today where almost everyone wears shoes, the shoes of those days (changzong) were affordable to only a few. The rest would walk bare feet; lichen and…

  • Eaglenest

    Nana Khrimey

    THEN: At the lowest elevation is Khellong which is on the border of Eaglenest and was a bustling place till the late 1990s. There was a medical hospital, school, office of…