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  • Eaglenest

    Nana Khrimey

    THEN: At the lowest elevation is Khellong which is on the border of Eaglenest and was a bustling place till the late 1990s. There was a medical hospital, school, office of…

  • Ramalingam, Alubari & Lama Camp

    Chamu Rai

    Chamu Rai (affectionately known as Saila Baje) was part of the logging workforce for more than a decade. He came to live in Alubari in 1994. Below Alubari they would cut…

  • Ramalingam, Alubari & Lama Camp

    Senju Tamang

      Senju Tamanga is one of Phulmaya’s sons. From 1991-1998 he worked with the Forest Department at Sunderview as a chowkidaar (night watchman) from 1991-1993. Back then, there were a total of…