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  • Rupa & Thungree

    R.K. Karma

    The stones used in house-building before were from the mountains and not from the river. “Unlike cement it was so strong that it could withstand an earthquake”, recalls Karma. Nails were made…

  • Eaglenest

    Sange Lamu Mosobi

    The Shertukpens would carry an assortment of condiments: Sichuan peppers (Xanthoxylum alatum), dried pumpkin (bumbloki), dried raddish (mooloki) and fermented soya bean (chukchro). In preparation of going down to Assam, the…

  • Singchung & Tenga

    Tilli Glow

      Embedded in this landscape are festivities such as Shaboh which Buguns use to mark the different seasons. When leaves are shed, and animals hibernate in January, the Shaboh Rua puja…

  • Singchung & Tenga

    Anyok Glow

      The Buguns used to cultivate maize and potatoes around their small hamlets in and around Singchung. It is very rare to find Buguns cultivating their own lands these days. Land is…