Ramalingam, Alubari & Lama Camp

Chamu Rai


Chamu Rai (affectionately known as Saila Baje) was part of the logging workforce for more than a decade. He came to live in Alubari in 1994. Below Alubari they would cut ootis (Alnus nipalensis), chiloni (Schima wallichi) and chaap (Michelia champaca). The forests above Alubari were good for chir pine and dhupi (Cupressus torulosa). There were 13-14 temporary houses in the area, mostly belonging to people working in the logging force. The hill across Alubari had 5- 6 houses where people engaged in a bit of agriculture. The number of people here dwindled as the Supreme Court passed an order in 1996 banning logging. It was the same year that Chamu Rai was mauled by a bear and got married. He jokes that maybe his wife liked his stitched-up face better.



Chamu Rai with his friends Ebi Rai and Kabi Rai. Ebi Rai has a store at Bhalukpong. They were together for 3-4 years at Lama camp.


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